The tenacity of fried chicken

A rather old man, a retired former colonel, was no longer able to afford his daily expenses. He decided to do something to improve his financial condition. At the age of 65 he wondered what he could do, what he could offer to the market in order to earn something and improve his situation.

It occurred to him to make his fried chicken recipe known around the world, in the hope that restaurateurs and fast food restaurants in the area could buy it and, consequently, he could acquire a profit from the use of this recipe.

The idea was good but spreading it and getting results was really difficult.

He received a lot of waste.

At one point, he even decided to leave his state, Kentucky, traveling around the US and taking his recipe around restaurants, asking them to try it for free and, if successful, to give him a percentage of the sales.

He had to suffer a “no” 1,009 times before receiving a “yes”.

Now that “yes” has become Kentucky Fried Chicken.

That man was Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who started selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the Great Depression.

Sanders identified the potential of the restaurant franchise, and the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise opened in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952. KFC popularized chicken in the fast-food industry, diversifying the market by challenging the established dominance of the burger.

The founder, branding himself as “Colonel Sanders”, has become a prominent figure in American cultural history and his image remains widely used in KFC advertising.

How many businesses today have Colonel Sanders’ strength and consistency?

Is your business formation that ambitious? If it isn’t, it should be. I’ll explain how to do it.

Change is a great challenge for everyone. There is no real change if there is no real participation and daily involvement in creating different conditions. Training represents a strategic asset for your company, to encourage growth and change processes in your employees, as long as you are able to convey the required values ​​and objectives through it.

Online training, in particular, thanks to a suitable LMS platform, such as iSpring Learn, together with the creation of customized and specific online courses for your collaborators, thanks to the use of iSpring Suite MAX, can concretely contribute to the development of the required skills.

It is important to develop a training catalog able to cover the different skills required and encourage staff to acquire these skills through fun and effective learning techniques such as gamification and microlearning.

Multimedia digital content helps retention and your collaborators will learn quickly, in less time and with a smile on their face. A big leap in quality, for those who really want to promote change and deal intelligently with resistance!

Since change often encounters obstacles, it is essential to stay on course in front of them and find ways to bypass or destroy them.

If you are searching for an Instructional Designer, contact me!

The culture of eLearning can spread and can release its effects only if you have, in your company, the courage and perseverance of Colonel Sanders, that is, if you too are able to face 1,009 resistance from the organization.

In this sense it is essential:

  • give greater importance to the analysis of needs, with an eye to the employees, to their concrete point of view on the procedures, practices and daily difficulties they encounter (without stopping at the mere managerial vision, which often ignores more operational problems that burden on operators);

  • allow a structuring of the catalog not only by content, but also by skills, in order to empower the employee in his training and to facilitate the Training Manager and in the management of training events and in understanding the professional growth of individual employees

What do you think about it? I’m interested in your opinion.

If you want, write in the comments.

For the documented history of KFC, you can find it on wikipedia.

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