Free consultation for your eLearning

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What we will do together in one hour?

The consultancy is free and aims to analyze your needs and provide you with a path to achieve your business goals in online training

We will face the following steps together:

  • definition of the business goal you want to achieve in the eLearning field
  • analysis of the human and technological resources in your possession
  • analysis of financial resources and adequate budget
  • implementable solutions congruent with the defined objective

We will evaluate together:

  • the eLearning platform you need, based on your budget and type of business
  • the design and production of SCORM (or other type of) educational content for your catalog
  • the in-house or remote training of your staff dedicated to the creation of courses
  • the supply of specific software for the creation of eLearning content

After our interview, I will provide you with a quote within the next 48 hours for the specific solution to the needs encountered, responding to your business objectives.

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