How to be an effective eLearning Specialist

Strategies and techniques to improve your autonomous performance and increase your productivity, valid for being a good freelance eLearning Specialist.

Being a freelancer is a particular professional condition, characterized by specific risks, difficulties, opportunities, advantages and disadvantages. Being aware of this is important to do your job in the best possible way, both in terms of quality and economic performance.

The critical points of freelancing are different and all imply a continuous challenge, in everyday life, the main reason why many people give up or even avoid the precarious condition of freelance, “contenting themselves” with a fixed place, but paid less.

One thing is certain: being a freelancer makes sense if you can earn on average more than an employee who carries out more or less the same activities or if you have indirect advantages related to self-employment, otherwise having more responsibility for acquiring an income below the average, becomes a meaningless operation. This is of course also true in the e-learning market.

The fundamental criticalities, to be a good freelance e-Learning Specialist, to be aware of are:

  • uncertainty;
  • a strong intrinsic motivation;
  • freedom of working time;
  • stress management.

In reality, these criticalities can also be read as “advantages”: in fact, both uncertainty and stress are two sides of the same coin.

A creative job, never routine, is certainly more interesting and stimulating than classic office work and offers the opportunity to grow, to improve, to acquire new competencies, as well as expand the economic opportunities associated with the increasing complexity of projects.

So, How to be an effective e-Learning Specialist managing uncertainty?

The negative aspect of uncertainty is precisely the insecurity resulting from the variability of income and the variability of the commitment to be considered for the various projects, which could also have a significant impact on the sphere of leisure in one’s daily life. Each freelance eLearning Specialist, on the basis of his or her own orientation, will have to make choices and identify the right mix between freedom and work, between creativity and habituality. 

How to be an effective e-Learning Specialist using self-motivation?

Moreover, intrinsic motivation and organizational freedom are in fact one premise and the other a consequence of freelance work: without strong intrinsic motivation it is extraordinarily difficult to bear the responsibility for the variability of receipts and the pressure of quality, customer satisfaction, which is certainly less in subordinate employment relationships.

How to be an effective e-Learning Specialist learning time-management?

Similarly, the freedom of working hours, if not well managed, turns – for the freelance eLearning Specialist – from opportunity to nightmare, because without an adequate organizational capacity and a certain set of skills in customer management, you may find yourself employing your entire day to work, becoming a perfect workalchholist. Which I don’t even wish my worst enemy!

What is the most important factor in your daily work as a freelance eLearning Specialist?  I look forward to your comments below.

This topic will be developed in the next few days, in order to anwer more accurately to our question that is “How to be an effective eLearning Specialist?”. So, stay tuned! 🙂 In particular, I’ll face the folllowing topics:

  • managing uncertainty and transforming it into an opportunity;
  • time-management for freelancers and avoiding to get mad;
  • stress-management for freelancers and the correct mindset;
  • the strengh of intrinsic motivation and how to use it.

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