The story of two crazy brothers

Two brothers, John and Jack, had been in a psychiatric hospital for some time.

One day, while they were both walking by the pool, John jumped into it and, unable to swim, sank, unable to get back up. Jack immediately jumped into the pool, brought John back to the surface, giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The next day was Jack’s annual review. The hospital council in full force wanted to compliment him.

The manager told him, “Dear Jack, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that, given what we did yesterday, we believe you are sane and should be released today. The bad news. unfortunately John didn’t make it: shortly after your rescue, John hanged himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt. I’m sorry, but he died. “

“He didn’t hang himself,” Jack replied, “I put him there to dry.”

How many times do you happen to evaluate incorrectly?
If we were based only on the mere “execution” of the training in the company, could we then be sure of obtaining the expected results?

Evaluating is an important activity
It must be carried out in a concrete and professional way, using suitable tools and with adequate preparation.

Fortunately, today it is possible to implement very sophisticated solutions for the evaluation of online learning results, but whose creation is now very simple.

For example, with iSpring Suite Max, you can create questionnaires with different options, types of questions; you can also customize the content, make the questions random, assign scores even to partially correct answers and much more. The various questions can be enriched with multimedia elements, to further stimulate the student …

Additionally, quizzes can be tracked by your LMS platform and give you accurate insights into your employees’ learning level.

By exporting your learning objects in SCORM format, you will allow your platform to acquire data relating to the behavior of students: you can upload the quiz and lessons on iSpring Learn or iSpring Flora, the two LMSs of iSpringSolutions, or other platform.

Thanks to the SCORM standard, all learning objects created with iSpring Suite MAX are compatible with any LMS in the market that adopts this standard.

Guarda quanto é facile creare un questionario in iSpring Suite MAX:

So what can be done to produce a good online learning assessment?

First of all, I think it is important to move from a vision of a “learning evaluation” to a vision of an “evaluation for learning“.

In fact, the evaluation process is not completed only at the time of verification and does not aim only at certifying the acquisition of skills by employees. Evaluation is a dynamic tool, always at the service of training, even when the training intervention has ended.

In a certain sense, therefore, there is “continuous evaluation”.

More precisely, the assessment for learning can be defined as

“All those activities undertaken by teachers and / or pupils who provide information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching / learning activities in which they are engaged” (Black-William, Inside the Black Box, London, 1998).

In a more general sense, then, the assessment for learning, in the company, aims to provide useful information that the Training Manager must exploit to carry out those actions of continuous optimization and improvement that the training sector must also adopt. Thus, evaluation becomes a process and ceases to be an instant activity.

In online training processes, the assessment is strategic in providing essential data to the entire organization regarding the actual level of skills acquired by employees and allows, at any time, thanks to an LMS platform, to understand the state of human resources, suggesting what to do.

It is not just a matter of seeing who has followed a course and who has not: it is important to understand the time taken, the quality of the answers to the intermediate and final tests, the type of participation and online sharing with colleagues. Last, but not least, is the collection of feedback, of comments about the course.

The iSpring Learn LMS is able to provide you with a truly detailed and dynamic set of reporting tools, and puts you in a position to know the training status of your entire organization at any time.

I am organizing several webinars dedicated to the topic of eLearning and the implementation of effective solutions for SMEs and large companies. If you want to register for free, go to the page dedicated to webinars. This way you can see both the iSpring Suite MAX and the iSpring Learn LMS platform at work.

Change must be oriented correctly: a good process evaluation action, as well as the results, is essential to understand the course and make any adjustments to achieve the desired objectives.

If you are looking for a LMS platform, please contact me

The benefits of good assessment in eLearning courses are obvious. In fact, employees:

  • they learn more and better, thanks to the fact that the system (ie the LMS platform) allows them to obtain feedback, specific information on what they are learning and the usefulness of the proposed content;

  • they feel involved in the learning process and this leverages their motivation to learn.

What do you think about it? I’m interested in your opinion.

If you want, write in the comments.

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