I am an eLearning Specialist. How can I help you?

I am an eLearning Specialist: I deal with the design and development of online courses in SCORM format for companies and organizations, recommending the use of a suitable eLearning platform on which to deliver the courses. My profession also goes by the name of Instructional Designer or Learning Experience Designer.

I work remotely all over the world developing eLearning projects of various kinds.

I have a knowledge of English language of C1 level (ESB Certification)

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I ahdere to the Serious eLearning Manifesto of M.Allen & co.

serious elearning manifesto



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I am iSpring Ambassador for Italy

iSpring Solutions chose me as Ambassador a for Italy of its products: a perfectly integrated complete range that allows you to design and develop eLearning courses and place them on a very high quality eLearning platform for both corporate solutions (medium companies / large) and for training institutions and SMEs